The files for no.258, a Mudkip ghost/ukagaka.

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Welcome to No. 258, a Mudkip Ghost/Ukagaka!


These are files for no.258, a Mudkip ghost/ukagaka.This ghost was initially created as a little birthday present. Time will tell if it gets any more development. If you’ve never installed a Ghost before, read the Installation Guide.

File Descriptions

  1. e_258.nar - The NAR file for the ghost. If you already have SSP installed, you can just drag and drop this file onto a ghost and download.
  2. - The balloon used for this ghost. Same as the NAR, you can drag and drop it to install if you already have SSP.
  3. Pokemon GB.ttf - The font used for the balloon. It was made to mimic the font used in Pokemon Red/Blue. Open it to install the font to your computer.
  4. - A text copy of the page you are reading now.
  5. Installation - A guide to a first-time Ghost installation.
  6. e_258 folder - I’ll probably delete this later when I’m sure I’ve got the hosting all sorted out. You can manually put this folder in your SSP directory to use the ghost.


This is Pokemon Number 258, Mudkip. If you downloaded this ghost you probably already know who this is, but this is Mudkip, a Water-Type starter Pokemon for Generation 3 of the Pokemon video games.

Ghost Hotkeys

[t]: Press ‘t’ to make a random interaction happen.


Ver 1.0: Ghost Release! Basic functions: Idle actions, Double-click Menu functions (Check, Feed, Pet)


This ghost was made as a present for a friend’s birthday! It’s a very basic ghost; it will mostly stand around and do cute things every 5 minutes or so. Double-click Mudkip to bring up a menu. From there you can check how it’s doing (in actuality, run a random idle animation), feed it a PokeBlock, or pet it.


Big thanks to Zarla for her Ghost Template, which I actually simplified even further for this ghost, and for her Pokemon Blue-Pearl balloon. Also thanks to JoshR691 for his custom Mudkip sprite sheet.

Member of the Ukagaka/Ghost Development and Download webring

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